Our Ventures

THE BAZAAR: Market for Local & Organic

A "sustainable regional food network" initiative. 

Organic Living Nepal

A pioneering sustainable agritourism service business. 

Entrepreneurs & Apprentices Academy (EAA)

Imparting Competencies to Nepali youth.

About Us

We initiate sustainable ventures bringing impacts to the communities of Nepal.

Development Voyage works to develop initiatives around the vision of "Sustainable Regional Food Networks" in border regions those following 4 principles:


1. Good Governance

2. Ecological Sustainability 

3. Sustainable Livelihoods

4. Social Learning and Knowledge Exchange


(see www.foodnetworkacademy.com for details)


Our Working Themes:


1. Sustainable Agriculture


2. Food & Nutrition


3. Agri-tourism


We educate and train young people to professionalize and lead these sectors in Nepal.


"Our Model Shop"