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First course is planned in October 2018.

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Vocational Education & Training in Dual-Modality (Dual-VET)


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About the project initiation

Development Voyage in collaboration with rundumkultur Association Switzerland is working to establish an ‘Entrepreneurs and Apprentice Academy’ in dual System in Nepal on food & hospitality professions (organic farmer, chef, food processor, small hotel & lodge operator, supply chain operator).


The process of the academy establishment started since the beginning of 2016. We were working in the sectors of organic agriculture/food and hospitality since the inception of the company in 2009. The academy establishment came forth as a need realizing the missing skills of young people and support system to the young entrepreneurs willing to work in the food and hospitality businesses. Tulsi Giri, founder of Development Voyage, meeting an entrepreneur, Patrick Honauer, who has established rundumkultur association and various other food-network businesses as well as dual-VET initiatives in Switzerland was a turning point in this realization. Since 2013 they collaborated in their entrepreneurial journey learning from and supporting each other while also developing the vision of this academy. Their collaboration has taken a global shape with the establishment of Food Network Academy and initiating social-food, social gastronomy movement with various other renowned entrepreneurs/academics from around the globe.


The establishment of the academy has been a gradual process simultaneously with the business development in Nepal. In 2016-17, our focus was mostly on the planning and developing process of the academy. Few concrete steps were: exposure of Tulsi Giri to the Swiss dual-VET system, interactions and collaboration approaches to various systemic partners like Swiss Development Cooperation, Nepal Vocational Qualification System (NVQS) project, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) & National Skills Testing Board (NSTB) in Nepal among others. We also organized various meetings, interactions and workshops with potential company partners, experts and stakeholders to learn the needs of skills, methodology of the dual-VET implementation, developing the skills standards and curriculum processes. The key milestone was organization of 2 DACUM workshops in collaboration with NVQS to develop National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) for two occupations: Chef and  Small Hotel & lodge Operator which is a base of curriculum and skill tests for certification.


In 2018-19, the goal is to establish our entrepreneurial venture i.e. Market-hall, the bazaar, as a business center which accommodates various food ventures as well as operates the entrepreneurial courses and practical trainings for dual-VET. Simultaneously, we will complete the developing process of the academy establishment i.e. finalization of curriculums, hiring and training of trainers, and then implementing the apprentice academy in dual-system.

We are looking for supporters and sponsors for the academy. Please see our detailed project in the attachment.
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