A model "Sustainable Regional Food Network" business in Nepal.

THE BAZAAR is a leading sustainable regional food network business in Pokhara, Nepal. It connects organic farms and smallholders in the border regions around Kaski to the customers in Pokhara. Managed by THE BAZAAR Agriculture Cooperative, it provides market facilities including logistics and sales to the member farmers. The cooperative provides technical expertise including trainings in organic farming and financial services to the farmers. THE BAZAAR was initiated in November 2010 by Development Voyage Pvt. Ltd., and now provides management support to the cooperative. Since, February 2016, the cooperative is operating & managing THE BAZAAR business under its umbrella.

Business interventions of THE BAZAAR

Supply Chain Management of local & Organic Produce

(1300 smallholders from Kaski district engaged in 26 groups are associated in the network of THE BAZAAR)

Farmers' Market

(every Saturday from 7-11 am at Rastra Bank Road) 

Tulsi Tea Production & Export 

Holy Basil, Lemon Grass, Dry Ginger) - only from member farmers.

(initiated in collaboration with bachsermaert.ch)


Saving & Credit Facilities for Member Farmers (Financial Services)


Facilitating Interventions

Capacity Building Trainings/Workshops & Technical Support to Farmers

Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

(initiated in 2014 in collaboration with District Agriculture Development Office, Kaski)

IT Integration pilot project

(in collaboration with eKutir, India and Connect-to-Grow)