THE BAZAAR: Market for Fairtrade & Organic envisions to become a leading business brand in supply chain management of local and fresh produce of small farmers. 


THE BAZAAR commits to the development of “sustainableregional food network” envisioned by its parent organization responding to the needs and connecting local farming/producing communities with customers providing healthy, fair trade and local products at reasonable prices. 

We increase the productivity of local and small farmers by backward integration with production package.

We supply graded, branded and quality fresh produce to the market in direct involvement of farmers thus focusing on demand driven by quality, not quantity.

We focus in managing the quality, volume, variety and regularity of fresh produce to meet the market demand and sustaining livelihoods of partner farmers.   

We will innovate, pilot and implement new models in production, supply and sales of fresh produce. 

We work with trusted producer and suppliers with whom we develop mutually sustaining partnerships.

We create associated economics by collaborating and building a cooperative with network partners and consumers. 

We will constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. In the closed food chain we minimize wastage by better handling of products form farm to plate, by in-house food processing and by composting.